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Upton Library offers curbside service starting June 9.
The building remains closed to the public, but we can provide library items upon request.
See post below for details.
Please call 508-529-6272 or email for information on specific library services.
Upton Library Coronavirus Response

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Libby, by Overdrive

Getting Started with Libby
  1. Search for Libby in your device’s app store. 
  2. Install the free app. When it has finished installing, open the app. 
  3. Tap Yes, when it asks if you have a library card (if you do not have a library card, visit the Upton Library to set one up!). 
  4. Tap ‘I’ll Search For A Library’. Search ‘Upton’ and select C/W MARS Upton Town Library:
  5. If you are mostly going to read with a tablet or smartphone, select ‘I’ll Mostly Read In Libby’. If you are mostly going to read with a Kindle, skip down to the Kindle instructions. 
  6. Tap ‘Choose Your Location’ and then ‘CW MARS Patrons’. 
  7. Enter the number on the back of your library card.
If you need additional help setting up, please visit the Libby help page or bring your device into a local CW MARS library and a staff member will help you get started. 

Explore the Collection
  • Libby has two areas, Library and Shelf. Library lets you explore titles to check out, and Shelf shows you everything you have out!
  • In the Library side, search for a title you wish to borrow—scroll down the page to browse by subject or collection; or tap the search box at the top of the page to search by author, title, or keyword.
  • Every search provides a summary of the results, you can narrow your search from that summary by tapping the underlined terms.
  • Tap REFINE to narrow your list by date added, language and audience. You can also select Hide unavailable titles to limit your search results to items that are currently available for checkout.
  • Tap on a book cover to learn more, and tap Borrow to check out a title.
  • The default loan period for eBooks and eAudiobooks is 14 days. You can change the loan period for each title to 7 or 21 days before you borrow it. After you tap Borrow, tap the underlined loan period on the confirmation page (before you tap Borrow! again). Then, select a new loan period for that title.
  • To permanently change your default lending period, go to and sign into your account. Next click or tap the My Account button, then select Settings.
  • Under ‘Lending periods,’ choose a default lending period for each format. Your settings are saved automatically.
  • If a title is unavailable you can always Place a Hold.
  • When you tap Borrow, you will be given the option to Open Book/Audiobook, Keep Browsing, or Go to Shelf. If you choose to keep browsing, you can find all your items, including both loans and holds, under the Shelf section of the app.
  • When you are done browsing, tap Shelf at the bottom of the page. Tap Open Book/Audiobook, next to the cover of the book you’d like to read.

Tips & Tricks

  • All eBooks and eAudiobooks in the CW MARS collection can also be found through the CW MARS library catalog. So if you’re searching for a title there, keep an eye out for books with vendor listed as OverDrive.
  • If you can’t find something, Libby uses this icon as a menu button:

    Here you will find your Library Cards, Hold Notifications, Download Settings, Device Preferences, Tips & Secrets and more!
  • In library view, you can use the +Preferences to modify your default search and display settings. For example, only search for titles that are now available.
  • Use the Download Settings to control when your loans are downloaded, including automatically when you’re on Wi-Fi.
  • Audiobooks display a set of headphones on the cover.
  • Not sure when a book is due? Want to return it? Or just want to see the details about it? Tap on the title on your Shelf to see!

Reciprocal Lending Agreement
Your CWMARS library card now works with the eBook and eAudiobook catalogs of several other Massachusetts library networks. Benefits of this include a wider selection of items, including items that CW MARS may not own. There are also potentially shorter waitlists for some items. 
  1. Tap the Libby icon in the upper right, then select ‘Add a Library’.
  2. Search ‘Minuteman’ (or, any of CLAMS, NOBLE, OCLN or SAILS Library Network).
  3. Tap the Libby icon in the upper right. It should look like this, or similar.
  4. Make sure that the new library network is the one in the grey box at the top.
  5. Select ‘See Library Cards’, then select ‘Add A Card’.
  6. Tap ‘Choose Your Location’, then make sure to select CW MARS Patrons. 
  7. Enter the number on the back of your CW MARS library card.
You can add your CW MARS library card for each library network in the Reciprocal Lending Agreement. 

Frequently Asked Questions: 
Do I need an Internet connection?
Only to browse the catalog and to download.

What happens when the title expires?
The title will automatically return themselves, no action is needed on your part.

What if I don’t finish my book?
The app will remember your place, simply check out the title again to resume reading. Your settings control how many past titles are remembered.

Can I renew a book?
Yes! If there are no holds on the title, you can renew two days before it is due. Simply tap on the cover for your details, and tap Renew Loan, then Renew!

Can I return an eBook early?
Yes! Tap the cover, then Return Title to Library, and confirm by tapping Return!

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