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Upton Library offers curbside service starting June 9.
The building remains closed to the public, but we can provide library items upon request.
See post below for details.
Please call 508-529-6272 or email for information on specific library services.
Upton Library Coronavirus Response

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Getting Started with Kindle
Use these instructions with any black and white Kindle.

You may use these instructions for use with a Kindle Fire; however you may also access audiobooks through the OverDrive Media Console app available through the Kindle App Store.

Log into Overdrive in Browser
  1. Visit the OverDrive library collection on your computer or mobile phone, through your library’s website or directly at 
  2. To log in, click the purple Sign In button in the upper right and choose CW MARS Patrons. 
  3. Type in the number on the back of your library card.

Explore the Collection
  • You can browse book categories from the menu display or use the Search box to find books.
  • Any search can be refined using the filter options.
  • Click on a book cover for more information, including formats and copies available. Kindles can only use Kindle format eBooks.
  • If a title has no available copies you may place a hold and an email will be sent when the title is available.

Borrowing Library Books
  • Once you select a book, click borrow; adjust the lending period as desired.
  • Go to your loans page, either through the borrow screen, or using the bookshelf icon at the top of the page.
  • Click ‘Read Now with Kindle’. A new tab will open.

Transferring Books to Your Kindle
  • Click ‘Get Library Book’ on the right side of the page, signing into your Amazon account if necessary. 
  • Choose a delivery device and click continue. Next time your Kindle connects to Wi-Fi, the title will download.
  • Enjoy!
If you need additional help setting up, please visit the Kindle help page or bring your device into a local CW MARS library and a staff member will help you get started. 


What do I do when the eBook expires? 
Nothing needs to be done, the book is automatically returned for circulation. 

The book will continue to show in your Kindle Library in case you wish to purchase. To remove from your account go to ‘Manage Your Kindle,’ and choose ‘Delete from Library’ from the ‘Actions’ menu. 

What do I do if my titles aren’t syncing? 
If your titles are not downloading, tap the setting button, then ‘Sync My Kindle’.

Can I return a Kindle book early? 
Yes! Log in to Overdrive and go to your Loans page. Find the book on your shelf and click Return. Verify that you want to return the book early!

Can I renew a book? 
Yes! If there are no holds on the title you can visit your account page and renew two days before the title expires. You will need to re-download the book for the “new” check out. 

Can I borrow a library eBook for my Kindle without wifi? 
If you do not have wireless access for your Kindle you can use the USB cable to transfer titles. Wireless downloading is not available through 3G. 

What about the Read Now button? 
Read Now lets you read in your internet browser.