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Thursday, April 18, 2019

Upton Town Hall Publishes Informational Videos

Upton Town Hall and the Town of Upton Website have published a series of informational videos about issues at the upcoming May 2 Town Meeting.

From the Town of Upton Website:

We present to you the final seventh video, the Fowler Street Bridge Replacement in the 7 part series of Town Meeting infomercials. Hope to see a packed Town Meeting on May 2 @ 7PM Nipmuc HS #DPW #infrastructure 

In two weeks Town Meeting will consider 2 major capital investments. To learn more about the proposed Fire Rescue / Pumper Truck view the sixth video in the series. #stayinformed 

In 2018 Town Meeting asked the BOS to develop a vision for a renewed town center. Ask and you shall receive! In this fifth video you will get a sneak peak of the work of the EDC alongside more than 40 residents who volunteered countless hours to bring this vision forward. #moveupton

Educating our youth represents more than 56% of the town's budget but our youth represent 100% of our future. Dr. Maruszczak discusses the Nipmuc Regional School Budget in the fourth video.

To learn more about how the international trash and recycling crisis is affecting your taxes at this year's upcoming Town Meeting view the third video in the series.

The Town has upgraded its budgeting process with a new format to the Finance Committe's Report. Learn more about the format and how it will be implemented at Town Meeting in this second video of the series.

In the first video, Derek Brindisi, Town Manager, informs voters about the overall FY2020 Town Operating Budget.
  • Learn more about this year's Warrant by viewing a number of different informative videos during the course of this week.
  • Follow us on twitter @UptonTown.
  • Attend the 2019 Annual Town Meeting will be held on Thursday, May 2, 2019 7pm Nipmuc High School.
  • Attend the Annual Finance Committee Budget Hearing will be held on Wednesday, April 24, 2019 7:00pm Town Hall.

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