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Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Stone Age Display

Throughout November, sixth grade Social Studies classes at Miscoe Hill Middle School did research on a wide variety of topics related to the beginnings of human society and the fertile crescent and the library was here to help!   Students created displays showing Stone Age tools, weapons, jewelry, and shelters; exploring the domestication of crops and animals; and many more subjects that dealt with everyday life in the ancient world.  The library requested over eighty books from dozens of other towns in order to make sure that there were plenty of resources available for everyone.

Every year, this project is a great opportunity for middle schoolers to learn both about the roots of civilization over 12,000 years ago and about how to use the library to find books, articles, and other print materials to support their research.  Over the next month, the library will be displaying some of the amazing work done by these students, including hand-made tools, models of early houses, and diagrams of clothes and accessories.  Drop by the reading room and have a look!

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