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Monday, December 2, 2013

Report of the Library Director for November, 2013

Circulation fluctuates – FY15 budget process begins – TM approves extra funds for building.

November circulation activity was 4,262, which is 17.9% lower than last month and 13.0% lower than last year.  Circulation is normally lower in November, due to the number of closed days, but this month was even lower than usual.  Circulation has been fluctuating up and down for the last few months.

Laptops: 20.  Nooks: 1.  Games: 56.

Unique Patrons
Upton Library currently has 1,821 items checked out to 397 unique patrons.

Digital Content Use
BYKI: In November, 8 users accessed byki for a total of 13.9 hours.  Our top languages were ESL for Arabic and Spanish.
Overdrive: eBook circulation to Upton patrons: 228, eAudio circulations: 64.
Wowbrary:   We have 139 active subscribers to Wowbrary. (+2)
New Patron Registrations:  12 new patrons registered in November.
New Items: We added 271 items to the collection in November.  I am using a new Evergreen report on items added, so this number is more accurate, but also includes magazines and audio-visual format items, instead of just books, which is why it is so much higher than previous months.
Passport Applications processed in November: 4.

Library book group: Does not meet in November.
Senior book group: 8 people met on Nov 12th.
Thursday storytime averaged 6 children per session for 4 sessions.
TinyTots lapsit averaged 6 children per session for 3 sessions. 
Library Table: 3 visits, averaged 7 patrons and 27 items.
Lego Days: averaged 5 children for 3 sessions.

Upcoming Events
First Night Upton – the Library will be open until at least 8pm on New Years Eve to participate in First Night Upton.  We will offer a drop-in craft for children.

Christmas Schedule: Tues, Dec 24th : 10am-3pm *early closing*.  Weds, Dec 25th : Closed.  Thurs, Dec 26th : 10am-8pm normal hours.

Plans for Next Month
1) Grant application – Planning and Design
2) Staff Reviews
3) FY 15 Budget

Library Improvements
The asbestos testing on the library walls show that the paint used contains 2% asbestos.  This is not harmful to visitors or occupants until the material is disturbed.  Our painting plans will encapsulate the asbestos, but we will need to invest significant extra funds in safely removing the material when we replace the wall on the west side of the library.
The Town Meeting on Nov 19th approved our request for $20,000 in additional funding for the project.  These funds will pay for the extra costs of using a general contractor bidding process, and the asbestos remediation.
BVT has updated their plan to install a dehumidification system in the basement.
Moving and Storage of Library materials: I am more optimistic about our ability to avoid using a professional moving company.  The Thompson family has given verbal approval to put trailers on their land, and the Worcester Sherriff’s office has indicated that our project would fit in their community service program.
The next step is to start the bidding process to find a general contractor.

Planning and Design Grant
The MBLC has accepted our submission of an FY15 action plan.
I have begun work on completing the grant application for the Planning and Design Grant.  Most of the information needed to complete the application is available.  I may need some input from the Trustees on the section of the application that describes our proposed planning process.  Specifically, how will library staff and the community be involved in the planning process?

Employee Evaluations
Annual employee evaluations need to be completed this month.  If any Trustees have feedback or comments about library employees, please send them to Matthew or John Robertson.

FY15 Budget
I have included a first rough draft of what the FY15 Library Budget might look like.  Based on the budget process calendar, we might need to submit a first draft budget to the Finance Committee before our January meeting.
As always, the wages line item is the major factor in our budget request, while our other line items are either very small changes, or costs outside our control.  Based on my first estimate, a 2% average wage increase will just barely put us above our certification minimum.  I would prefer a cushion of $1,000 or more in case our projected revenues change, so we are less in danger of slipping below the minimum.
Our wage increase request depends on the results of the classification and compensation study and the Personnel Board’s recommendations.  I hope those recommendations are available before the end of December.

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