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Friday, January 4, 2013

Report of the Library Director for December 2012

TV Shows moved – New Circulation Clerk – Circulation by Hour of the Week

December circulation activity was 4,484, which is an 8.5% decrease from last month, and 5.5% lower than previous years.  This is following our typical pattern, with our Evergreen circulation being 5-10% lower than what Millenium reported, but following the same monthly patterns.
I found an interesting report in Evergreen that shows circulation for each hour of the week, which I will discuss further later in my report.
Laptops: 9.  Nooks: 3.  Games: 83.

Unique Patrons
368 Upton patrons have items due in the next 3 weeks.

Digital Content Use
BYKI: In December, 6 users accessed byki for a total of 13.0 hours.  Our top languages were English for Spanish speakers, Irish, and German.
Wowbrary: 1 new user signed up for Wowbrary, for a total of 117 active subscribers.
Overdrive: eBook circulation to Upton patrons: 180, eAudio circulations: 35. 
New Patron Registrations:  12 new patrons registered in December.
New Items: We added approximately 95 items to the collection in December.
Passport Applications processed in December: 3.

Library book group: Does not meet in December.
Senior book group: 7 people met on December 7th.
Thursday storytime averaged 7 children per session for 6 sessions.
TinyTots lapsit averaged 6 children per session for 4 sessions. 
Library Table: 4 visits, averaged 9 patrons and 36 items.
Lego Days: averaged 4 children per session for 4 sessions.

Special Events
A Spanish storytime was held by parents in the Spanish Immersion program, 5 students attended on Dec 11th.

Plans for Next Month

1) Budget Submission
2) Collection development – DVDs
3) Plan Winter / Spring programs

Staff News
Matthew attended two webinars on dealing with difficult patrons and resolving staff differences.
Jeffrey Hartman started as our new Circulation Clerk.

Library Improvements
Information gathering and price estimates are taking longer than expected due to the holiday break.
Susan has asked to reschedule our next meeting for Thurs, Jan 10th at 6:15pm.
At our December meeting, we were able to decide on a carpet color, which is a blue/gray/purple combination, and examined options for paint colors. 
I did some quick calculations on moving and storage of library materials.  My estimate is that we’ll need 750 moving boxes at a cost of $1,500, and 3 8x8x20’ storage pods to hold them, at a cost of $480 per month, assuming all the labor is volunteers.  It looks like purchasing cardboard boxes will be less expensive than any rental options.

I reviewed my draft plan for reorganization of shelving, and I don’t think there is sufficient space between the support pillar and the walls to position the circulation desk where I wanted it, so I did some brainstorming and have a new suggested floorplan.  It’s a bit unusual because it orients the stacks diagonally to the walls instead of perpendicular, so I’d like some feedback.

Collection Development
The adult non-fiction weeding project is complete.  Approx. 700 volumes of outdated and rarely used non-fiction books have been withdrawn from the collection.  The resulting space has been used to expand our adult audio visual collection, including more space for DVDs, TV Shows and books on CD. 

Flat Screen TV Purchase

I would like to investigate purchasing a flat-screen TV to be installed in the reading area and used for public showings of videos.  Our current projector is portable, but is difficult to position so the audience can sit without blocking the projector light.  Nicole is planning a book and movie discussion group as part of the summer reading program, and I’d like to try running a film discussion group for adults again.  We also have several film series that come with public performance rights that we could take advantage of.
My initial thought was an approx. 50 inch screen costing $1,000 to $1,250.  I’d like to discuss this purchase with the Trustees.

Hours of Operation and Circulation

While using Evergreen reports this month I happened across an interesting report template – our circulation broken down by each hour of the week.  I ran the report for all circulations from May 2012-Dec 2012, and the results were somewhat surprising.
For the most part, the data bear out my anecdotal observations: Tuesdays are the busiest weekdays, while Fridays are the least busy, and the extra hour we added from 9am to 10am on Friday and Saturday is not very busy.
Unexpectedly, Saturday from 10am-2pm is revealed as the busiest time in the Library, and every weekday has a spike during the 4pm-5pm hour.
I think this data reinforces our decision that the most effective time to expand Library hours would be opening from 2pm-5pm on Saturdays.

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