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Monday, November 5, 2012

Director's Report for October 2012

Design project begins – Circ Clerk position – Children’s attendance improves

CWMARS has notified libraries that the Evergreen reports generating circulation statistics are not working correctly.  I used several different Evergreen reports this month trying to get circulation statistics, and I’m not confident any of the numbers over the last few months are accurate.  The best I can say is that the same report we’ve been using in the past indicates our October circulation activity was 4,831, while another report, designed for ARIS statistics, indicates it was 5,150 items.  Using those numbers, we are anywhere from 5% below previous years, to slightly above.
Laptops: 14.  Nooks: 6.  Games: 86.

Unique Patrons
631 Upton patrons have items due in the next 3 weeks.
Our quarterly visits count in October recorded 608 weekly library visits. 

Digital Content Use
BYKI: In October, 9 users accessed byki for a total of 12.6 hours.  Our top languages were Latin, English for Spanish speakers and Polish.
Wowbrary: 1 new user signed up for Wowbrary, for a total of 113 active subscribers.
Overdrive: eBook circulation to Upton patrons: 168, eAudio circulations: 31. 
New Patron Registrations:  10 new patrons registered in October. + 44 First Graders.
New Items: We added approximately 116 items to the collection in October

Passport Applications processed in October: 11.

Library book group: 7 people met on October 31st.
Senior book group: 6 people met on October 2nd.
Thursday storytime averaged 5 children per session for 8 sessions.
TinyTots lapsit averaged 12 children per session for 4 sessions. 
Library Table: 5 visits, averaged 9 patrons and 29 items.
Lego Days: averaged 4 children per session for 4 sessions.

Special Events
Marshmallow Storytime – 4 children attended on October 13th.
First Grade Field Trips – 44 children attended on October 22nd.  The Oct 29th field trip was postponed to November 5th.

Upcoming Events in November
November 5th – First grade field trip
November 18th – Crossroads Learning Center theatre performance 2pm in Town Hall
November 24th – Food for Fines begins
November 26th, 7pm Nipmuc Auditorium – Folk Music Concert with HungryTown

Plans for Next Month
1) Circulation clerk replacement
2) Library improvement planning
3) Collection development – Adult Mystery collection

Fines Policy
CWMARS is changing its policy on fines to allow member libraries more options to set their own fine levels.  The recommended fine amounts from CWMARS are now going to be maximum rates, with libraries being able to set rates lower than the recommendation.
I’d like to once again ask the Trustees to re-evaluate our current overdue rates, especially the non-print materials.
My recommendation would be to reduce all overdue fines on all Upton materials to 5 cents per day, with a maximum of $1 per item.

Circulation Clerk Position
We received 32 applications for the Circulation Clerk position before the deadline of 5pm, Oct 31st.  The personnel board is meeting on Nov 8th to provide their input on the screening process. 
If possible, the Trustee Personnel sub-committee should meet this week to select which candidates we’d like to invite for an interview.  I hope to schedule the interviews for the end of November.  Avoiding Thanksgiving might make the interview dates later than I would prefer.

Library Improvements
Susan Barba of SBID modified her proposed contract based on the terms the Trustees discussed.  We have signed the contract, and Susan has begun her design work.
Susan, Matthew and several trustees met on November 1st to brainstorm ideas for the project.  We all agreed that improved lighting, painting and replacing carpet were our top priorities.  Window treatments and new circulation desk are secondary priorities, and replacing furniture will likely not be part of this project.
We discussed some ideas for color schemes and carpet patterns.  Most likely we’ll be using carpet tiles with some interesting patterns, and painting the walls with a pale color, and the trim with a matching darker color, while keeping the ceiling tiles white.  We discussed the idea of using multiple colors to designate areas of the library, such as different color in the children’s area or staff areas.
Susan is going to prepare some preliminary color schemes and carpet samples and we’ll meet again on November 29th to make more specific decisions about colors and patterns.

Online Resources
Rdio music’s contract with Recorded Books has been canceled, so Recorded Books will no longer be able to offer this streaming music service to library patrons.
They are giving us a credit of $500 to use for other online services to reimburse us for the amount that we spent on the initial Rdio subscription.
I would like to use this credit, along with funds from the expense account to purchase a 1 year subscription to “Universal Class”, a collection of online continuing education courses.  Upton Library’s annual subscription fee would be $1,350.

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