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Thursday, August 2, 2012

Report of the Library Director for July 2012

Petting Zoo a success – Public Internet upgrade – Storage overflowing

Evergreen Reports function is now working, so here are statistics for the last few months of circulation.
*Evergreen counts both new checkouts and renewals as a circulation event, so I can’t make an exact comparison to previous Millenium numbers, which only counted checkouts.  In FY2011 we had .23 renewals for every 1 checkout, so I am going to multiply the Millenium numbers by 1.25 to compare vs. Evergreen.
Also the May data seems abnormally high.  I think some circulations may have been counted in both Millenium’s last report and Evergreen’s first one, so I am tempted to ignore that data.

    Items    Activity    % change    Laptops    Nooks    Games
May 2012    6411    6503    +25.5    16    14    77
June 2012    5205    5633    -17.8    4    8    66
July 2012    6096    6514    -13.8    16    12    72

Items = how many times Items in our collection circulated.
Activity = how many items were borrowed at Upton Library (this includes items from other libraries)
% change = increase or decrease of activity compared to the average of the previous 3 years.

Unique Patrons
626 residents of Upton have items due in the next 3 weeks.  This is the closest estimate I can get to how many unique people are currently using the library.

Digital Content Use
BYKI: In July, 7 users accessed byki for a total of 17.8 hours.  Our top languages were English for Spanish speakers, Spanish and German.
Wowbrary: 1 new users signed up for Wowbrary, for a total of 112 active subscribers.
Overdrive: eBook circulation to Upton patrons: 237, eAudio circulations: 18.  This is a new high for most ebooks circulations in one month.

New Patron Registrations:  22 new patrons registered in July.

Collection Development
We added approximately 79 items to our collection in July.
Nicole and I met with sales representatives from Apple books and Sebco books, and ordered approximately $3,000 worth of non-fiction materials for children and adults, including a full 50 volume set of books on the States.

Passport Applications processed in July: 8.

Library book group: 4 people met on July 25th.
Senior book group: 3 people met on July 3rd.
Thursday storytime averaged 5 children per session for 6 sessions.
TinyTots lapsit averaged 5 children per session for 3 sessions. 
Library Table: 3 visits, averaged 11 patrons and 32 items.
Lego Days: averaged 5 children per session for 3 sessions.

Special Events
Storytellers Davis Bates and Roger Tincknell – 30 people attended on July 10th
Petting Zoo from Lil Folk Farm – 223 people attended on July 31st.

Upcoming Events in August
Friday August 3rd : Summer Reading Pizza Party at Library, 2-4pm
Saturday, August 18th : Summer Finale free Ice Cream, donated by JJ’s Ice Cream.

Plans for Next Month
1) ARIS report for State Certification
2) Storage re-organization
3) Attend Evergreen workshops

Summer Reading Program
As of July 31st, 286 children have registered for the summer reading program and received their reading bag.  Between 80 and 90 children per week have been coming in to choose a prize from the treasure box.

Attendance at Children’s book clubs has been sparse.  2 children have consistently attended the Magic Tree House book club for ages 6-12, and the Teen book group for ages 12-18 was cancelled because no one registered.

The Lil’ Folk Farm petting zoo event has been our best attended event this summer, with over 200 people attending between 10am and Noon.

Collection Development
Nicole and I are making plans for a major weeding project and withdrawal of books in September. 

Public Internet
The public internet connection has been upgraded from 5 Megabyte to 20 Megabyte download speed.  The cost of this upgrade will be $960 per year, which was approved in our budget at the ATM.
Based on my observations, the upgrade has significantly improved response time for our public workstations and laptops.

Evergreen Library System
CWMARS has made a number of hardware upgrades and changes to Evergreen setup.
A CWMARS technician came out to Upton and reviewed our network setup and Staff workstation speeds.  The result of this examination was that our current Evergreen response time is considered “within acceptable parameters”.
This basically means we are going to have to deal with the current response time and can’t expect any more significant improvements.
We might see some slight improvements in our service to patrons as Staff continue to learn the most efficient ways to complete tasks, but for the foreseeable future, we are just going to have to accept that performing circulation functions are going to keep taking longer than they did with Millenium.

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