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Monday, April 4, 2011

Director's Report for March, 2011

Very high circulation for March – upcoming changes to library systems – digital content use doubles.

Circulation for March was 5,294 items. This is more than both last month (32.4% increase), and March of last year (15.7% increase).
5,538 items were checked out at Upton’s circulation desk, and 678 interlibrary loan requests were placed by Upton staff.
Our Laptops were checked out 14 times in March. The continued decline in laptop use is interesting. My observation is that several of the patrons that consistently borrowed laptops in the past have now purchased their own machines and are using our wireless hotspot instead.

Digital Content Use
BYKI: 50 users accessed byki for a total of 96 hours in March. The most popular languages were French, Italian, Japanese, Spanish and German, followed by Chinese and English for Arabic speakers.
Byki usage has continued to grow each month. If usage stays over 50 hours per month, I feel the service is well worth the cost. At that rate it would be approx. $2.50 per user hour.
Wowbrary: 41 new users signed up for Wowbrary, for a total of 71 active subscribers, and the newsletters produced 64 click throughs to the library catalog.
We have started offering automatic wowbrary signup at the time of library card creation, which has contributed to our more than doubling our number of active subscribers.
Overdrive: eBook circulation to Upton patrons: 16, eAudio circulations: 14

New Patron Registrations
22 new patrons registered in March.

Collection Development
We added approximately 124 items to our collection in March

Staff Computer Workstation
I received a price quote from World Band communications for $1,390.00 to purchase a Dell Latitude laptop and Microsoft Office software.
The purpose of this computer would be an additional staff workstation. This computer would be our connection to the new town server for sharing documents and staff email accounts. Our current computers cannot be connected to the town network because they are maintained by CWMARS. The rest of the town is moving towards more shared systems and software through the new server, and it would be beneficial to the library to be able to participate.

C/WMARS circulation / cataloging system changes
CWMARS is in the mid stages of a major project to change all its systems to new software. The new software is called “Evergreen” and it will replace our current catalog, circulation and patron account systems.
This will be a major change for patrons and staff, and will require a lot of training, testing, and publicity work over the spring and summer.
The last time Upton Library changed systems was in 1998, when we joined CWMARS and moved to our current software.
CWMARS has been working on this project for over a year, and are reaching the point where member libraries need to start participating in the preparations.
The current timeline calls for Upton Library to have access to a test server in early May, have staff training workshops in July and August, and actually switch to the new system October 8th-October 16th.
We need to be prepared to fund additional staff hours in July and August for training outside of regular library operating hours.
During the changeover week starting October 8th, we will not have access to any circulation system. As we get more information about how that process will work, I’ll be able to discuss with the trustees how that week will affect patrons. If services are limited enough, I might recommend that the trustees consider closing the library to the public that week. (think of it as closing for renovations)

Inter-library delivery system changes
The library delivery system, which is funded by the State, has signed a new contract with a new delivery company. The new company will be responsible for delivery across the entire state, instead of our previous 6 different regions.
This change should be invisible to patrons, but will require some adjustments in our delivery procedures.
Our delivery times may change, which will alter workflow at the circulation desk. The company has also asked for after-hours access to the building if needed. I am currently discussing this possibility with the Town Manager, and I’d like to hear what the trustees think about the idea.
The Massachusetts Library System, which is responsible for providing delivery services for the state, is optimistic that the new contract will result in shorter delivery times, which would be appreciated, as I have noticed many items taking 7-8 days to arrive lately, which is higher than the 3-4 days we’d prefer to meet patron needs.

ProgramsLibrary book group: 6 people met on March 30th.
Senior book group: 5 people met on March 1st.
Thursday storytime averaged 8 children per session for 10 sessions.
TinyTots lapsit Tinytots storytime averaged 21 children per session for 4 sessions.
Library Table: 5 visits, averaged 8 patrons and 20 items.

Matthew is taking the week of April 12th-15th off as vacation.
Lisa is taking a few days the next week, April 19th and 20th.

Upcoming Events in April
We have no special library programs planned for April or School Vacation week.
This is mostly due to our space and financial constraints… we have deliberately reduced programming to preserve other core library services.
Secondly, other community groups, such as Memorial PTO and the Recreation Commission are offering the types of workshops and events that the library used to sponsor in previous years, and it doesn’t make sense to duplicate their efforts.

Plans for Next Month
1) Complete budget process for FY12, and ATM.
2) Plan for Garden Day Event, June 4th
3) Summer Reading planning.

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