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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Report of the Library Director for November 2010

Circulation picks up a bit – BYKI demo held – CWMARS plans to switch circ. systems

Circulation for November was 3,869 items. This is slightly up from both last month (1.5% increase), and November of last year (1.9% increase).
4,069 items were checked out at Upton’s circulation desk, and 568 interlibrary loan requests were placed by Upton staff.
Our Laptops were checked out 44 times in November.

New Patron Registrations
8 new patrons registered in November.

Collection Development
We added approximately 102 items to our collection in November.

New Circulation System
CWMARS is switching to a new circulation and cataloging system called “Evergreen”. The migration process is being handled by CWMARS staff, and won’t require any relabeling or cataloging of the collection. However, we will need to invest significant time in training staff on the new system, both in-house training and attending sessions at CWMARS sites. I have appended a long explanation of the reasons for the change and how it will affect the library and patrons as an additional document that accompanies my report.
Patrons will not see any changes until October 2011, when the online catalog will change.

Online Language Instruction
The demonstration of BYKI was attended by 4 Trustees, and the product seems to be a better fit for our needs than Mango. I still have some concerns that the usage of the product won’t justify its subscription price, but my final recommendation is that we purchase the product for one year, and heavily promote its use by the Upton community.
I received 7 responses to my query of other library directors. 1 respondent subscribes to Mango and is happy with the service. 3 subscribe to BYKI and are happy with the service. 1 is considering both options, and has not decided yet. 2 libraries considered both BYKI and Mango, and selected BYKI.

The Friends of the Upton Library voted to fund the “Wowbrary” new item notification service for up to $500 per year.
I have been in contact with both Wowbrary and CWMARS to work out the logistics of setting up the service. The hold up at this point is determining if CWMARS is able to do a single contract and then bill the individual libraries, or if each library will need a separate agreement with Wowbrary. If we need separate agreements, we might not be eligible for the 20% discount.

Budget for FY2012
I have some preliminary numbers for Trustees to use as a starting place for the FY12 library budget.
I can’t make anything other than guesses at Wages line item until after receiving the Personnel Board’s recommendations for FY12, but we can discuss the non-wage items.

Our State Aid funds are going slightly down, and our CWMARS membership assessment is going slightly up.
We desperately need an increase in the Library Materials budget. Our current materials line is less than we had in FY08, and has not changed since FY10. Without an increase, we will encounter extreme difficulty in meeting the Materials Expenditure requirement for State Certification, in addition to being unable to meet patron demand for new items and formats.
I recommend requesting a 1.5% increase to the Library Materials line item. That is less than we really need (certification standards assume a 2.5% annual increase), but combined with the two other line item changes will keep our total non-wage departmental increase below 2%, which is the guideline the Town Manager has suggested for departments in FY12.

Library book group: 9 people met on December 1st.
Senior book group: 7 people met on November 2nd.
Thursday storytime averaged 7 children per session for 4 sessions.
TinyTots lapsit Tinytots storytime averaged 18 children per session for 3 sessions.
Library Table: 4 visits, averaged 8 patrons and 24 items.

Special Events in November
Food for Fines program began November 27th and will run until December 23rd.

Staff reviews are upcoming, please send any input for staff evaluations to Matthew.

Upcoming Events in December
Second Annual Cookie Swap!
Thurs, December 16th, 6:30-7:30 pm in the library. Bring 2 dozen cookies, choose 24 treats to take home. Recipe sharing encouraged!

Library closed days:
Dec 24th, Fri – Closed, Holiday Pay
Dec 25th, Sat – Closed
Jan 1st, Sat – Closed

Plans for Next Month
1) Annual Town Report
2) Employee Reviews
3) Budget request

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