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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Director's Report for November 2009

Circulation for November was 3,796 items. This is a decrease from last month, October 2009 (14.7% decrease) and a slight decrease from last year, November 2008 (3.8% decrease).
3,898 items were checked out at Upton’s circulation desk, and 515 interlibrary loan requests were placed by Upton staff.

New Patron Registrations
16 new patrons registered in November.

Collection Development
We added approximately 100 items to our collection in November.
I would like to re-evaluate the effectiveness of our travel guide collection. We recently updated our travel guides with 2009 editions, at a cost of approximately $1,250. Travel guides are low-demand items that need to be updated annually to remain current. I would like to stop updating this collection, except for Disney World and Massachusetts guides, and instead rely on interlibrary loan to meet patrons’ needs for other travel guides.

Public Computers
I am very pleased with the new printer and laptops. The wireless network has been popular, and usage is quickly increasing, in November we’ve had at least 1 person per day using the wireless access.
We started circulating the Laptops to patrons on October 15th, since then they have been checked out 42 times. (as of Dec 1st.)
Over the last six months, we have averaged $24.11 per month in printing fees. The new printer cartridges will cost approximately $100 to replace the black toner, and $300 to replace the color toner. We have not had the printer long enough to know how often they will need to be replaced, we are still working on our first cartridges.

Converting the Reading Area to a Young Adult Area
Lisa and I would like to re-arrange our collection and shelving, and purchase more efficient furniture to convert the current reading area into a dedicated Young Adult space.
Currently, our Young Adult materials are clustered in the back corner of the library and the Reading Area houses magazines, biographies and some local history.
When the teens arrive after school, they consistently prefer using the reading area, rather than sitting near the young adult materials, so we think it will be more effective to move the books to the kids, rather than trying to get the kids to move to the books.

We would also use this opportunity to gain shelf space for the Large Print and Mystery collections, which are overflowing, and reduce our collection of magazines and biographies, which have low circulation.
We would like to purchase lightweight round 2-person tables to replace the square wooden tables in the back corner of the library and the reading area. These tables are most often used for laptop use, or one on one tutoring. A 2-person table would provide the same service and save space. A folding table could still be used in the reading area for 4-6 person meetings.

As part of this conversion, we would offer ULTRA the opportunity to do fund raising to purchase electronic equipment such as a TV screen, DVD player or gaming console (such as a Wii), which would be installed in the reading area.

Our plan is to reserve this space and equipment for use by Young Adults from 2pm-6pm on weekdays, and the remainder of the time it would be available for reservation or drop-in use by any community members.

The financial cost to the library would be $1,000 - $1,500 to purchase the tables and new shelving hardware. Purchase of electronic equipment would be done through ULTRA fundraising.

Timeline for this project: December 09 – planning and furniture selection. Jan 10 – order furniture and move materials. Feb 10 through Summer ’10 – ULTRA fundraising, and installation of equipment as an ongoing project.

Library book group: met on December 2nd.
Senior book group: 8 people met on November 3rd.
Thursday storytime averaged 6 children per session.
TinyTots lapsit averaged 21 participants.
Teen Tuesday was held November 17th.
Library Table: 2 visits, averaged 7 patrons and 19 items.

Special Events in November
ULTRA book buying trip to Barnes & Noble was cancelled due to conflict with another teen event.

14 items were delivered to 1 patron on November 3rd.

Upcoming Events in December:
Library Schedule: Open 10-2 on Thursday, Dec 24th, Closed Friday Dec 25th, Closed Saturday Dec 26th, Open 10-2 on Thursday, Dec 31st, Closed Friday Jan 1st, Open 9-2 on Saturday Jan 2nd.

December 16th – FULTI cookie swap at the library, 7:00pm. See FULTI newsletter for more details.

Plans for Next Month

1) Staff Reviews in December

2) Draft budget, hopefully after some guidelines from FinCom / Personnel Board

3) Write annual report to the Town.

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