Tuesday, May 6, 2008

New Movies for May and June

Here are the new release DVDs the library will be purchasing in May and June. Stop by the library and ask for the 'movie binder' to see the descriptions and add your name to the reserve list.

National Treasure 2 20-May PG
The Flock 20-May R
Rambo 27-May R
Grace is Gone 27-May PG-13
The Air I Breathe 27-May R
Control 3-Jun R
The Eye 3-Jun PG-13
Semi-Pro 3-Jun R
Jumper 10-Jun PG-13
The Bucket List 10-Jun PG-13
Witless Protection 10-Jun PG-13
The Other Boleyn Girl 10-Jun PG-13
Be Kind, Rewind 17-Jun PG-13
In Bruges 24-Jun R
10,000 B.C. 24-Jun PG-13
Spiderwick Chronicles 24-Jun PG
Definitely, Maybe 24-Jun PG-13

If you have suggestions for upcoming movie releases that would be a good addition to the Upton Library collection, let us know by posting a comment, or writing on the suggestion page in the movie binder.

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