April Vacation Progams
Tues April 18 - 1pm Native American Music @ Senior Center
Thurs, April 20 - 10:30am Storyime w/ Miss Nicole
Fri, April 21 - 10:30am Lapsit Storytime @ Upton Library
Sat, April 22 - 2pm Bharata Natyam Dance @ Upton Libary

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Thursday, March 23, 2017

Bharata Natyam dance demonstration - Sat, April 22 2pm, all ages


Demonstration of Bharata Natyam - classical dance from Southern India, that combines beautiful steps, storytelling and hand positions.
Presented by local Upton dance instructor Anine Singh-de Grood.
Several songs and dances will be shared, and the audience is encouraged to participate and learn some mudras, or hand positions.
Suitable for all ages, the demonstration is designed to appeal to children as well as adults.
Free and open to the public, but space is limited.
Saturday, April 22 at 2pm at the Upton Town Library
call 508-529-6272 with questions.
Bharata Natyam originated in Tamil Nadu, South India and was used in religious rituals to please the deities in temples and the king at court. Nowadays it is performed as a secular dance across the world.

Native American Drumming - all ages / April vacation Tues 18, 1pm

Inter-generational program of Native American drumming and music presented by Craig Harris / Drum Away the Blues.
Co-sponsored by Upton Town Library and Upton Council on Aging, this program will be held at the Upton Senior Center, 2 Farm Street, Upton MA.
Intended for Children, Families and Seniors of all ages, this program is free and open to the public.
Call 508-529-6272 for more information.
Tuesday, April 18, 1pm-2pm.
"The multi-media, participatory program celebrates the vastness of indigenous North America's musical tapestry and includes music of powwow drum groups, Native flutists,sharp-penned songwriters, exciting blues-rockers, guitar slingers, reggae bands, hip-hoppers, disco divas, and electronic dance music collaborations."